Culver Cadet Parts Catalog and Maintenance Handbook

Continental C85 Parts Manual

Continental C85 Overhaul Manual

Franklin Model 4AC-199 Operators Handbook and Service Bulletins

Culver Cadet Type Certificate Data Sheet

Early Permanent Certificate of Airworthiness Example (No Longer Legal)

Sensenich Wooden Prop Application Guide

Best Practices Guide for Maintaining Aging General Aviation Airplanes

Sample Checklist For Inspecting Aging General Aviation Airplanes

Culver Cadet production by serial number

Shell Lubrication Chart for Culver L Series

Service Handbook for Eisemann magnetos

Parts Catalog for Eisemann Magnetos

Marvel Carburetor Manual

Culver PQ-8A Erection and Maintenance Instructions

Paul Rule's drawing for leveling the Cadet

Brochure for the Globe Swift prototype, which was inspired by the Culver Cadet