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Title: New Member Poll
Post by: JoeB on January 01, 2012, 10:53:45 PM
Hello Everyone,
I thought I would start a poll so we could all get a chance to introduce ourselves, where we live, and what Culver we are working on and/or flying.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone so let's get it started!
My name is Joe Burley and I live in Atlanta, Georgia.  I just purchased Cadet LFA #246.  It is currently out in Idaho and can't wait to bring it home!  I voted that it is 'flying' even though I have not yet flown it :-)
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Woody on January 02, 2012, 12:11:11 AM
I'm Woody Gillespie and live in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  We are currently rebuilding a 1941 Culver Cadet with a Franklin 90 engine.  It's been 40 years since I;ve been involved in flying so this is like starting over again.  The only things I need now is more money and time!
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: 10kDA on January 02, 2012, 07:04:59 AM
My name is Chris Kinnaman and I live in Edgewood, New Mexico. I am mostly interested in the Culver Dart, with an idea of scratchbuilding one to avoid the hassles and costs of certificated aircraft ownership. Though a Cadet would be pretty cool, too.
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Scott Crosby on January 02, 2012, 08:09:16 AM
My name is Scott Crosby. I live in Roseville, California and recently purchased 1942 Culver Cadet N41735 #457 which hasn't been in the air since 1960. It's powered by a 90hp Franklin and has 589 total hours. My Culver #457 appears to be the last one sold to the general public with #458 kept for test purposes. I've had many different planes but for some reason - I am very excited for a change about restoring this little plane back to it's former glory!
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Paul Workman on January 02, 2012, 08:55:28 AM
Hi Folks,
My name is Paul Workman. My Culver involvement started in 1971(I was 14 YO). My dad bought  LCA N29283 out of Northern Ohio that year. The seller flew it down here to Zanesville, Ohio,
my older brother flew it around the field once, and we proceded to tear it apart for a needed rebuild. As so often happens with these things, my dad got distracted with other projects, a Pitts, Mooney Mite, Cubs, Champs, etc., and 29283 still needs rebuilt. I now do vintage aircraft restoration for (a living?) here in Zanesville which makes it a challenge to get our own airplanes put together, but the Culver project is now on my short list.
I'm really excited to see this site up and running (Thanks Bill), to see so much interest in the Culvers, and to see this great flow of info. I have a particular fascination with all these old wood critters. I also work a  bit with Mooney Mites and Bellancas.
Let's help each other make these old ships fly and keep 'em flying safely !

Paul Workman
Bedrock Aero LTD
Zanesville, OH              www.bedrockaero.com   
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Bill Poynter on January 02, 2012, 09:12:37 AM
My name is Bill Poynter.  I'm in Louisville, KY, where I have a flying Cadet LCA that I've owned for about 5 years.  (N34782, s/n 238)  I also own a project LCA (N29392 s/n 184)  The airframe on the project has been rebuilt and covered, but I still need a few parts and an engine/prop to complete it.  Over the years I have also owned 2 other Cadets, a Culver V and a Helton Lark.  One of the earlier Cadets was an LCA with a Beech-Roby prop, and the other was an LFA with an Aeromatic prop.   
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: lockheed12 on January 03, 2012, 04:18:53 PM
I am Patrick Donovan; Seattle,WA. I am just finishing a complete rebuild of a "V" N8442B. I have flown it a few times, but the engine is in for an overhaul. I put an Aeromatic prop on it and have approval. Some poor photos of our test hop on Google images under its N number. I had one in college days in Hawaii in the 60s. This is a good site, hope it stays active.
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Paul Rule on January 04, 2012, 09:13:41 PM
Mesa, AZ  I have 4 Cadets, all projects as of right now.  All are in storage and awating my retirement from my "day job" at a major US airline. 
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Brett Lovett on January 05, 2012, 12:27:01 PM
Brett Lovett  Liberty, MO  I purchased a Culver LCA in 2006 and flew it home from Florida.  It had been altered with the installation of a C85-12FHJ from a Culver V (modified to a C85-12J).  I discovered although the engine seemed to run well enough, the fuel injection system mixture schedule was considerably off (running lean at full power/and rather rich at idle) and that the internal fuel pump was not producing anywhere near adequate pressure.  I'd prefer to change to a carburetor and reinstall carburetor and cabin heat.  The aircraft could also use extensive cosmetic work, particularly on the interior.  In 2009 after being frustrated with not flying the Culver for 3 years, I bought a Piper Vagabond which is my current flying airplane.  I haven't done much on the Culver since then. 
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Keith on January 05, 2012, 05:26:14 PM
Keith Courson in Boise, id
Not currently a Cadet owner but looking for one or a project
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Pete on January 07, 2012, 05:22:05 PM
My name is Pete DeGraff.  I live in Niantic, CT.  I am a member of the EAA (#770200) and the Vintage Aircraft Assoc. (#718014), but I am older (79 next month) although healthy, fit and active.  I am here out of interest only.  I can only wish I could afford "your" airplane.  When I was 9 years old the FBO of the Ithaca, NY airport took me up in a Cadet on a ride I shall never forget.  He even gave me the controls for a bit and then did some minor aerobatics.  To this day the Culver Cadet is and will always be my favorite airplane.  You have to understand that in 1942 that sleek little plane with its retractable gear the greatest thing since sliced bread (which wasn't all that old then, either).  It's modern yet today.
Thanks Bill and all for a place to watch, think and dream.  Have each of you bought the Hallmark Cards aviation tree ornament yet?  This year it's the Culver Cadet.  One is flying on a thread right here by my monitor.  I also gave one to my nine year old grandson for Christmas.
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Joe Maridon on January 10, 2012, 11:11:31 AM
My name is Joe Maridon in Las Vegas, NV. I am currently restoring Culver Cadet LCA, S. N. 458.  This was the last Cadet built by the factory and the factory originally kept it to test various propellers. The aircraft currently is registered as N20U and has a C85 engine. The airframe is almost ready to go and I am currently going thru the engine. My back ground is mechanical engineering and machine shop superintendent. I have my A&P and hold Inspection Authorization. I also own a Waco UPF-7 that I rebuilt in the early 90's. The Waco is now based in our hangar on Felts Field in Spokane, WA. That gives me room to work on the Culver here in Las Vegas. I am retired so I have lots of time to work on the project.
Thanks Bill for getting this forum going. I am sure it will be a lot of help in restoring and maintaining our Culver Cadets.
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Stefan Janes on January 11, 2012, 04:06:13 PM
First of all, thanks to Bill for establishing this forum!

My name is Stefan Janes and I recently purchased N25U (ex N34772 , #249) from Mr. Dan Nicholson in Houston, Texas. The plane is in an excellent flying condition equipped with a C85-12F in the front. Dan restored the plane from 1990 till 2000 leading to its second first flight after 55 years of storage and transfer between several owners. He paid incredible attention to all the tiny details and kept the Cadet as original as possible... and he did a GREAT JOB!  :D
Meanwhile N25U travelled all the way from Houston to Germany, my home country, in an oversea container arriving last week. I am now about to reassemble that precious piece of aviation history and make it the only Culver currently flying in Europe (besides G-CDET, which will hopefully fly again soon in the UK).
I hope to find plenty of inspiration in this forum and of course the chance to share our experience.

Best regards from the other Culver continent

Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Keith U. on January 18, 2012, 04:15:55 PM
Hello All,
My name is Keith Unzicker, I  started an STF in 2010.  I found a Culver for sale not to far away, so went to look at it with my kids to buy a few parts.  I ended up  buying the whole project.  It is a 1941, LCA , N20988, SN 117.  It was in good enough shape to rebuild so I was not willing to chop it up.  We have been working on it pretty steady ever since 9/2010.  This is my 3rd rebuild following a PA22 and an 11AC.  Progress as of 1/17/12:  one wing covered and done, other getting rib stitched, flight controls done, horiz. stab stripped with top skin off, fuse needs stripped. I am using the Stewart System, (so far so good) Mostly complete airframe, descent cowls.  It came with an 0-200 that previous owner wanted to use but I probably will not.  Thanks to all of you for continuing the dialogue on this cool plane.  Keep it coming and I will do my best to share what I know.
Title: Re: New Member Poll
Post by: Neal LaFrance on February 07, 2012, 12:59:41 PM
Hi Culver Cadet Pilots. My name is Neal la France and my replica Cadet STF airplane may be the last flying airplane in the next 72 years. The Culver Aircraft Company produced about 363 Culver Cadet aircraft from 1939 to 1941. Out of this small production of aircraft, Culver Cadet pilots have been able to keep a few airplanes flying. Why is an airplane that is 72 years old still flying?  Al Mooney, one of the most talented aircraft designers in 1939 invented and designed an airplane that was 20 years ahead in time. Out of the thousand of pilots in this world, you are the lucky ones to own and fly a Culver Cadet. Make sure you look at the pictures on Bill Poynter’s  net.