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Accident investigation report
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:17:21 PM »
Hi gents:
I thought I'd post the FAA report on N41716 and maybe get some discussion started. I am an airline pilot with current command on the B777. I wasn't there and havn't spoken to anyone who was at the accident site so I don't have any more info than in the report below. I find with interest that in the airline world we now are starting to include "startle" events in simulator sessions. Anyone can fly a sim session where they know before hand what's going to take place. But throw in the unexpected alarm, bell, noise etc and you see some interesting results. On this take off it appears to me that the takeoff speed is maybe a little low but not the accident cause. There is a report of the engine hesitating or momentarily studdering. Now that's a startle you don't want low level. The first thing is of course in every level of aviation "fly the airplane" the basics pitch, bank angle, airspeed, once those are under control then you can ask yourself what's the problem and work to resolve it. Even at my level of experience I line up for take off and run through a quick what would I do if the engine quits  mental exersize. If I could suggest anything to you. Once the airplane is flying if you have the room over the runway allow the airplane to build up an extra say 10 knots of buffer that if anything happens gives you a little more time to get out of the startle factor and keep flying.