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Back again!


Hello everyone,
  I'm back working on my Culver and I really need a set of plans or at least the tail section of the fuselage!  Any help would sure be appreciated!  I'm willing to pay if cost is a problem.
My wings are ready for fabric and a little work on the tail section of the fuselage will complete the fuselage. Then I am ready to start putting it back together.

Tim Lunceford:
Woody,  I have been very busy working on the Heath Cannon project and have not check the Culver site, just saw you post.   Did you get any help?  I do not have plans but have lots information on the Cadet.  May be I have something that can help.   Tim

 Hi Tim,
 Thanks for answering!  No help but I have downloaded pictures and I also have a fuselage
 that I'm using as patterns.  It is winter and I'm getting slower!  I'm rebuilding the tail section now.  Wings are done without fabric and I have a new Franklin 90 HP engine to mount. I'll post as I progress and run into trouble.  Plans would be worth a lot!  Woody


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