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Lifting a Lark (Jacking etc)



(warned you the questions would be coming soon!)  I need to get the weight off the wheels to inspect the oleos and wheel alignment.

Thanks to this site, I've found the quaint and excellent rigging manual for the PQ8, so I know that 'Station 91' is a good starting point.  However, the text implies there should be jacking points 'attached' to the wing.  On my Lark, there is no break in the canvas/wood to attach a tool, nor markings to confirm where station 91 is. Can a jack just be placed under the wings without any attachment?  I'd be very worried about slipping...

A friend (non-aviation engineer) has suggested knocking up something to attach to the metalwork around the main gear mounting points.

I'd also like to get the aircraft stable on saw horses or similar, but again, there are no clear details of where they can be safely placed (just a very small illustration of the wing rigging process, with the weight of only the fuselage+engine on the stands).

Can anyone provide any more ideas/solutions for jacking the Lark? 

I use higher than normal car jacks and wooden padded beams under the main spar. Jacks are "Draper AS6000". They are from UK.

Thanks Andreas,

Those axel stands look like a neat solution (6 tonnes!!!).  But how (where) do you jack-up the airframe in order to rest on the stands?   (one local engineer did suggest just getting 3 people to lift by hand (or rather by back!).

I just hunk down under the main spar and lift one side with my shoulders and back. Another person places the stands under the main spar. I do this twice  alternating on  both sides. Maybe you can also use a hydraulic jack to rise the stands (I never tried).
Before i put the tailwheel on a heavy block and strap it down.


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