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C85 engine.


Bill Geipel:
Has anyone done a C85 engine conversion from the Franklin. My engine may be gone so am considering options.
Specifically where do I locate engine mount and is there anything else that is troublesome.

Thank you

   Hi Bill,
      Why don't you use a 90 HP Franklin which was used on the Culver at times.  They are available and not as expensive as some of the others.  I just thought, I have one for sale and engine mount also. I had forgotten I had them. Engine mounts are no trouble from my experience.  Woody

Hi Bill,
  I just saw this.  The Franklin is a 90 hp with an older rebuild. It is 0 time on it and it looks brand new. It has the log book also. Ibought it for another plane and just never used it. It looks pristine inside.  I paid $3500 and would take that for it. I also have a Culver engine mount to fit the Franklin engine that looks new to me. If interested, let me know.

  If you don't get me, leave your # and I will call you back.  Thanks


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