Author Topic: Cooling problems  (Read 5679 times)

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Cooling problems
« on: February 13, 2012, 09:00:25 PM »
You've probably see Cadets that have had the air inlets on the nosebowl enlarged in an attempt to resolve high operating temps.  My opinion is that the size of those openings is adequate if everything else about the cooling system is up to snuff.
If you have experienced issues with high operating temperatures, here's an article for you.  This is a link to a really interesting way of measuring the differential pressure between the inlet side of the cowling and the exhaust side.  If the differential is too low, you won't be getting enough airflow through the cooling fins of the cylinders.  This can be caused by poorly fitting baffles, too much air coming into the lower cowl for cooling the oil or a poorly configured exit path for the air leaving the cowling.  In this article, an airspeed indicator is used for the measuring the differential pressure.