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Parts Wanted / Landing gear leaf spring
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:50:25 AM »
Hi guys,

after about 20 hours and many landings on a trouble-free landing gear, the right hand leaf spring broke while taxiing on a rough grass taxiway. Since I am converting to Burke Bell's O-ring oleo strut seal there will be no real need for that unique spring feature anymore. But in order to keep it all original as far as possible (If you read this, hi Dan!) I am eager to replace the broken part.
My question is now if anyone knows a source for those parts or has one for sale? I remember there was a pair for sale on ebay a while ago but I did not consider it necessary to put them on stock. Unfortunately...
I would appreciate any help I can get to let N25U shine again!  8)


Maintenance and Repair / Elevator stop
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:21:00 PM »
Hi Folks,

I got a little confused when I removed the floor carpet of my Cadet. Can anyone tell me what limits the elevator up movement? Is there any stop block or something like that? Maybe in the rear fuselage? I could not find anything in the manuals or parts catalogues. So far my elevator was stopped by a metal strip screwed to the floor, that held the carpet down near the steering assembly. I doubt that was the way it should be according to Al Mooney...
Talking about elevator travel. Is there any source to find out the max. elevator travel limit for up and down? Also for rudder and aileron?
Thanks for the help!!

Best regards across the pond,


Culver General Discussion / Re: Radio Installations
« on: January 11, 2012, 04:50:26 PM »
I selected the MGL V10 radio for my plane as well. The whole package with intercom, a complete cable harness and the super small size make it the perfect choice for the Cadet. I did a lot of research on the TSO issue and in my opinion there is no reason for not using a non-TSO'd radio for our planes since we don't operate them IFR, commercially, nor is there any requirement for a radio in our type certificate.
I will post some pictures of the installation as soon as it is completed. First of all I have to re-attach the wings and some other "minor" parts to the Cadet before going into details...  ;)

Culver General Discussion / Re: New Member Poll
« on: January 11, 2012, 04:06:13 PM »
First of all, thanks to Bill for establishing this forum!

My name is Stefan Janes and I recently purchased N25U (ex N34772 , #249) from Mr. Dan Nicholson in Houston, Texas. The plane is in an excellent flying condition equipped with a C85-12F in the front. Dan restored the plane from 1990 till 2000 leading to its second first flight after 55 years of storage and transfer between several owners. He paid incredible attention to all the tiny details and kept the Cadet as original as possible... and he did a GREAT JOB!  :D
Meanwhile N25U travelled all the way from Houston to Germany, my home country, in an oversea container arriving last week. I am now about to reassemble that precious piece of aviation history and make it the only Culver currently flying in Europe (besides G-CDET, which will hopefully fly again soon in the UK).
I hope to find plenty of inspiration in this forum and of course the chance to share our experience.

Best regards from the other Culver continent


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