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Culver General Discussion / Re: New Member Poll
« on: January 05, 2012, 12:27:01 PM »
Brett Lovett  Liberty, MO  I purchased a Culver LCA in 2006 and flew it home from Florida.  It had been altered with the installation of a C85-12FHJ from a Culver V (modified to a C85-12J).  I discovered although the engine seemed to run well enough, the fuel injection system mixture schedule was considerably off (running lean at full power/and rather rich at idle) and that the internal fuel pump was not producing anywhere near adequate pressure.  I'd prefer to change to a carburetor and reinstall carburetor and cabin heat.  The aircraft could also use extensive cosmetic work, particularly on the interior.  In 2009 after being frustrated with not flying the Culver for 3 years, I bought a Piper Vagabond which is my current flying airplane.  I haven't done much on the Culver since then. 

Documentation / Re: Certificate of Airworthiness
« on: January 05, 2012, 12:14:22 PM »
Bill,  I'm curious as to what reason you were given as to why the modified ACA-1362 is "no longer legal".  I've found no documentation that suggests that any Standard Airworthiness Certificate issued without an expiration date is invalid as long as the aircraft is maintained as required by FAR 43.  I have heard a story locally of a FSDO inspector that attempted to confiscate an older airworthiness certificate, claiming that all aircraft had to have an Airworthiness Certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration and that any issued by any previous agency were invalid.  I have seen one aircraft that was parked at a fly-in with an airworthiness certificate that included an expiration date and certainly was invalid.

My Culver has an Airworthiness Certificate issued in the 1970s, but if I had an ACA-1362 that was signed, had the correct wording typed in, and had no expiration date (crossed out or otherwise), I'd want to see some FAA documentation (FAR, AC, etc.) explaining why it was invalid before I surrendered or exchanged it.  I would not exchange or surrender it simply on the word of an inspector.  I may have an ACA-1362 in my other airplane.  I'm going to look today.

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