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Culver General Discussion / New Member
« on: December 28, 2012, 08:01:29 PM »
Hi Folks,

I have been interested in small planes for about 30 years, I was an EAA member in the 1980s, and RAA (Canada) since then.  I am also a glider pilot.  I like Culver Cadet, and would get one or build one, but I need some advice from the Forum members. 
 So far I see 3 models:  Culver Cadet LCA (Continental) and LFA (Franklin), as well as Neal La France's STF (Experimental).  Question:  are any Culver Cadets available for sale now?  I would be interested in rebuilding one.  Or is it better to go with the Experimental one?
Also, I noticed that the STF is missing the Slots in front of ailerons;  the LCA and LFA have the slots.  The slots are there to improve flight control at low air speeds, right?
Are the plans for STF still available?
I admired the twin Culver Cadets flying on the YouTube.


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