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Culver General Discussion / Culver V propellor challenges
« on: October 21, 2022, 04:40:48 PM »
Culver V aircraft were certificated to use three different variable pitch propellors. These include the Aeromatic, the Beech Roby and the Sensenich Skyblade. The current holder of the Aeromatic is only servicing the experimental market. Sensenich hasn’t supported the Skyblade “for more than thirty years”, per the company and finding an airworthy Beech Roby is a challenge as well.

Consequently a perfectly airworthy Culver V may become grounded simply due to the lack of a certificated propellor in airworthy condition.

In 1972 a Gerald N. Butterworth obtained an STC, SA1NE dated 11/15/1972 for the use of a fixed pitch McCauley. The STC was issued by the Boston ACO. The FAA’s on-line listing of this STC makes reference to the “Butterworth Report 1000 dated 9/13/1972”. I am guessing that this report will contain the details of the STC along with the aircraft performance data using the specified fixed pitch McCauley.

I have contacted the Boston ACO and FSDO attempting to obtain a copy of this report. Erick Gross of the FAA is attempting to track this down for me but there is no guarantee that he will be able to locate it given this STC occurred fifty years ago.

Does anyone here have a copy of the Butterworth STC or the Butterworth Report 1000?

One option would be for me to contact Mr. Butterworth to obtain a copy of his STC, however, I believe that Mr. Butterworth passed away in 2015, closing that door to me.

The only other propellor option that I have come across is an article about Larry Dale’s V, which had been updated to the Superior Satellite configuration by a previous owner. His ship was N80281. I received a copy of an article about Larry and his V from Larry himself. This article was published in the Pikes Peak Flyer. It mentioned that after he purchased the V, his mechanic inspected it and replaced the Beech Roby propellor with a Sensenich fixed pitch metal prop.

Now I am not aware of any STC approving a fixed pitch Sensenich for Culver Vs. I have ordered the Aircraft Records CD from the FAA in an attempt to see if there is any paperwork regarding this Sensenich on file, but have yet to receive it.

I wanted to put this information out there for this group and to see if anyone has anything further to add to the Culver V propellor situation? I will update this post as I obtain further information on the subject.

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