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Parts For Sale / Franklin Engine Parts Source
« on: January 24, 2012, 12:15:42 AM »
My source for Franklin (early type) engine parts:

C & S Enginery Co.
Aircooled Engines and Components

Charles J. Sullivan                             Warehouse
P.O. Box 1112                                   500 N. Broadway
Bolingbrook, IL 60440                       Joliet, IL  60435

(630) 759-5775                                 (815)  722-6330

Documentation / Culver Factory Service Memorandums
« on: January 19, 2012, 11:13:00 PM »
Here is my (corrected) list of Factory Service Memorandums ...for your information and also to add to if you know some that I don't have:

No.     Date        Description                                                                                               Serial no. App.
1       10-24-41   Care and operation of retracting L/G                                                             All
2       10-23-41   (Amended)  Inspection & Maint. of Throttle Interconnection                          All
3       9-13-40     Propeller setting limits                                                                             LCA  102 - 133
4       10-10-40   This was a rudder cable inspection - replaced by #5
5       12-2-40     Rudder cable and front pullies (references #4...?)                                   LCA 102-178
6       4-10-41     Carcuretor Air Heater                                                                                     LCA
7       5-19-41     Exhaust Stack Alteration                                                                                LCA
8       6-19-41     Lock Pin Revision                                                                                         102-225
9       10-14-41   Flight Load Information & Inspection Requirements                                    101-363
10     10-14-41   Rudder & Trin Tab Cable Channel Clearance                                                102-325
11     11-24-41   Franklin Cooling Baffles - Alteration & Maintenance                                  LFA  204-397
12     5-28-42     Alteration of FWD Stabilizer Attachment to Fuselage                                    101-459
13-18                 Missing - or may not apply
19     7-24-43     Inspection of Bottom Surface of Main Spar                                                    101-459
21      9-6-44      Removal of sharp Leading Edges                                                                     (all?)
22     10-26-45   Adjustment & Operation of L/G Throttle Interconnection                                 All
23-50                 Missing - or may not apply  (most are for 'V')
51     11-15-60   Maintenance of Oleo Shock L/G Struts  ( by Superior)                                     All

Ammended to include Brett's additions --  More???

My copy of propeller setting limits is from Culver factory (w/ no number)and Brett's copy is from Cal.  Aero (#3) so some may have been republished and renumbered.

My copy of #9 is missing all the drawings and CAA report #10 and #56.
(#56 now available below... thanks, Joe!)

« on: January 19, 2012, 10:50:25 PM »
The Cadet was one of the very first production airplanes with retractable landing gear and that has clearly been a problem area.  I do not know of any Cadet that has not been on it's belly at least once. Maybe someone will post the exception here but I doubt it.  This thread is to share some of the reasons for gear problems and maybe prevent a few gear-up landings in the future. 

I think gear problems can be catigorized, at minimum, as follows (maybe you will want to add to the list):

1.  Forgetting to put it down.  (The warning system should prevent this ... if its working and we are paying attention.)
2.  Having some mechanical failure with no warning.
3.  Putting it down and thinking it is locked when it's not.  (Not understanding how it works...?)
4.  Having the gear unlock after putting it down and locking it.  (Lever slips out and gets pushed to right by your leg.)
5.  Inadvertently bending something by letting the gear fall when extending (and then the pins don't go in).
6.  Something (push rod system) gets bent inflight due to high "Gs" and the pins won't go in when you extend.

As I look at the list, I believe that it is in REVERSE ORDER of most likely to happen !!  My experience and conversations with several others is that the threaded ends of the push rods (can and will) bend a little and (if you are lucky) you notice that the pins have become harder to lock in.  Being a prudent (and suspicious) sort you then inspect and find the culprit before it bends more on the next flight and the pins refuse to lock.  Culver service memorandum no. 1  dated 10-24-41 still applies and is GOOD info.  On page 2 it says; "To neglect the warning implied by stiff operation is to invite trouble."

There have been a number of ideas on how to make the push rods more rigid and less likely to cause problems including making new ends with 7/16" threads in place of the standard 3/8".   The factory part is made from 4130 thick wall tubeing.  It is interesting to note that a tube is more rigid then the same sized round solid part.  Since many have been replaced with fabricated parts this may not have been noticed.

This ought to start some good discussion.

Parts For Sale / Various parts
« on: January 17, 2012, 11:18:12 PM »
I have a good number of Culver parts stored in my hanger in New Mexico.  Problem is, I live in AZ and don't get there but about every other month. 

Some parts:  Ailerons, elevator, horizonal stab, fuel tanks, small airframe parts, some pre-cut wood parts..... and more.  Not much in the way of gear legs, wheels & brakes. 

If you are patient with me and are willing to wait I might be able to help get what you need.

Paul Rule   pcr319(at)

Modifications / Tail wheels
« on: January 05, 2012, 02:50:11 PM »
You can see a wide selection of tail wheel and tail wheel steering setups. 

I know of no Culvers that were factory equipped with tail wheel steering nor of any drawings.  Attaching tailwheel steering cables to the existing rudder cables can cause cable alignment problems depending on how it is done. 

Anyone had problems with the big wood beam (for attaching the spring) coming loose? 

No steering cables?  How do you like it?

So share your success stories and tips here...  anyone running a pnumatic tire or are all solid rubber?

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