Here are some Neal LaFrance Cadet STF drawings. They are original size, so you may have to zoom-in to get a clear image.

Cadet STF Drawing Tree

Cadet STF Rudder Pedal Assembly

Cadet STF Landing Gear Retract Assembly

Cadet STF Upper Landing Gear Trunion

Cadet STF Oleo Strut Assembly

Cadet STF Instrument Panel

Cadet STF Engine Mount   Cadet STF Engine mount drawings reduced in size for web viewing and for printing on home printers.

Cadet STF Engine Mount   Full size Cadet STF engine mount drawings. This is a ZIP file from which a TIF file can be extracted after saving to your computer. Copy the TIF file to a CD or thumb drive and take it to Kinko's for printing on a large format printer.

Cadet STF wing tiedown drawing

Cadet STF C-springs drawing